Nations Ministry

Nations Ministry

Nations Ministry

June 10 – July 12

Hillcrest United Methodist Church

Would you be willing to lead or help in a small group or meet one-on-one with a student about a topic below?

– Gardening Basics: Preparing the Soil

Gardening Basics: What and How to Plant

– Car Maintenance: Changing a Tire

– Car Maintenance: Checking Oil and Other Fluids

– Car Maintenance: Checking Tire Pressure

– Car Maintenance: Jump Starting a Battery

– Car Maintenance: Changing Wiper Blades

– Car Maintenance: Reading Gauges and Warning Lights

– Financial Literacy: Budgeting

– Financial Literacy: Investing

– Financial Literacy: Postsecondary Planning

– Communication in the Workplace

– Public Speaking & Presenting

– Mental Health & Self-Care

– Conflict Resolution

– Professionalism (dress code, timeliness, conduct, etc.)

We also would like to recruit people to work with students one-on-one to create a resume and practice interview skills.

Another one-on-one opportunity would be “life coach” mentoring, where a community volunteer meets with a high school student to answer questions and give advice.

Small group or one-on-one setting. To learn more and to register, please visit