Security Update

Security Update

An Update from the Security Team
The Westminster Security Team, guided by industry experts, is constantly evaluating and updating methods and protocols to ensure that the church campus remains a safe environment for our members, staff, school and guests. It is a difficult balance of safety, convenience, and having a welcoming environment. Here is the latest: 

Security Officers and Uniforms
Westminster has both directly hired and contracted security staff.  The security committee believes it is important that these officers be in uniform when they are present on our campus as a visible deterrent. They often will be wearing the uniforms that they are issued by their full-time employers. You may, therefore, see officers in a variety of uniform colors and designs – like green or tan (Sheriff’s dept), blue (police dept), or black (police or security guards). 

Greeting You at the Door
The security team is intentionally controlling the flow of members and guests entering the building through the North and Mayfair doors on Sundays by having a member of the security team let people in the building at those locations, and keeping other doors locked. This is to ensure that everyone entering the building is observed, and warmly greeted, by someone. 

Wilson Door Locked
The Wilson door continues to remain locked on Sundays at all times, as it has been since 2022. If you would like to enter through those doors for worship, a Sunday School class or other reason, please contact the church office to obtain a door code. We are glad to give you access to this door. 

Volunteers Needed
For more information about joining the Security Team, please contact Scott Portis at The security committee continues to actively recruit and welcome new volunteers to join our team on Sunday mornings. A typical shift on Sunday morning is two hours from 8:00-10:00 am or 10:00-noon. Our efforts and work will only become better with a larger volunteer base. Plus, several of our volunteers may work multiple shifts each month which precludes them from being able to worship regularly like the rest of us. Your willingness to volunteer helps the church and relieves some of the pressure on our current volunteers. 

The security committee welcomes your questions and feedback at any time. Feel free to reach out to us. Our committee consists of the following church members and staff:  Scott Portis – chair, Hugh Harvey, Keith Maddin, Bob Sewell, Kelly Christie, Jackie Shrago, Tom Wilson, John Van Mol and staff representative Alec Koukol.

Getting to Know the Security Team

We now have a very consistent, paid, professional security team during the week, and in addition to the volunteers on Sundays. This is a brief introduction to those folks so that you can get to know them as they try to learn all 2000 of our names! 

Steve Purinton. Security Guard for the WSYC and the Church, Mon – Fri:

I was born and raised in Vermont. I joined the Army while in high school. I served 3 years active and 4 years in the Reserves and National Guard. While in the NG, I volunteered and went to Desert Storm in 1991. I have been in security since 2005. I have an 11 year old son, Joshua, that is the center of my world!  Go Predators and NSC!

Braxton J Carden. Security Guard M-F and on Sundays:

I was born and raised in Greenbrier TN. Played all sports growing up but my favorites are definitely martial arts and gymnastics. I’m a blue belt in Isshinryu karate and working on my blue belt in BJJ jiu jitsu. I love riding/working on motorcycles. Fun facts: I was a mental health counselor before I got into security. I also was homeschooled all my life. 

Matt Parker. Security Guard on Sundays:

Hi I am Matt Parker. I was born in Davidson county, but have lived all over the United States. About 6 years ago I decided there is nowhere like Tennessee and moved back home. I have worked private security in Tennessee since I moved back. I can’t tell you what a relief and a joy it is to work at Westminster church. It’s a welcome relief from my normal schedule, it feels like a second home. It is so welcoming. On my time off I enjoy time with my family, playing sports. Every morning before I come to church the last thing I must do is give Sweetie Pie her hug on  the way out the door. I look forward to greeting everyone, and if anyone ever has any questions or needs help please feel more than welcome to ask.