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Covenant Class Programs

Covenant class “nests” many of our outside speakers and special series. The class is intended to be a community of mutual support, intentional growth, and fellowship.

Westminster Academy Programs

Meets each Wednesday evening to dive deeper into a variety of topics.Westminster Academy is a study opportunity that happens on Wednesday evenings and is primarily an opportunity for members and friends of the congregation to reflect on “faith and fiction.” We are often led in an in-depth discussion of a book by local professors such as Belmont University English Professor, Sue Trout. Westminster Academy looks at both classic and contemporary works of fiction. Additionally, during Lent, we will often be…

Summer Book Club | 2023

Jesus and John WayneHow White Evangelicals Corrupted A Faith And Fractured A Nation Jesus and John Wayne is a sweeping account of the last seventy-five years of white evangelicalism, showing how American evangelicals have worked for decades to replace the Jesus of the Gospels with an idol of rugged masculinity and Christian nationalism? or in the words of one modern chaplain, with “a spiritual badass.” As Du Mez explains, the key to understanding this transformation is to recognize the role of culture in modern American evangelicalism. June 8, 2023…

Summer Book Club | 2024

Jesus And The Powers: Christian Political Witness In An Age Of Totalitarian Terror And Dysfunctional Democraciesby N.T. Wright and Michael F. Bird During past summer months Guy has facilitated a book study in the slot of the Thursday Women’s Bible Study. This summer we will continue the practice, but Guy will be joined by Marsh Associates Stephanie Boaz and Will Wellman. June 6, 2024 June 13, 2024 June 20, 2024 June 27, 2024 July 11, 2024