Westminster Session

Westminster Session

Class of 2024

James Boswell
Kim Crafton
Luke Gebhard
Ron Harris
Moe Hill
Deb Hudson
Janet Kuhn
Leighton Liles
Fran Linley
Denis Linn
Harriet Sewell
Dave Thombs

Class of 2025

Kathy Billings
Rhea Bucy
Emily Coleman
Bob Cooper
Greg Cornish
Nan Holland
Ken Larish
Virginia Reynolds
Jackie Shrago
Kathleen Simcoe
David Wyckoff

Class of 2026

Mary Prue Alley
Matt Ashwood
Jim Barr
Devin Childers
Melinda Coles
Joanna Hall
Howard Lamar
Suzie Lane
Meredith Nowers
Nathan Ridley
Roberta Rodgers
Don Shulze


Donovan Drake
Guy D. Griffith
Heidi Hudnut-Beumler

Virginia Reynolds, Clerk of Session

Committee Chairs Not Otherwise Listed in this booklet:

Associate Pastor Nominating Committee | Susan Weathersby

Benevolence | Denise Linn

Church Nominating Committee | Denise Linn

Finance | Mike Koban

Generosity | Tom Wylly

Legacy Fund | Hunter Brush

Personnel | Pam Koban

Property | Greg Cornish

Westminster Home Connection | Tom Wylly

Westminster School for Young Children | Hunter Brush