Connect With Hands On Mission

Connect With Hands On Mission

Recently in a committee meeting of Hands on Mission, we heard a call to engage in Lent, with a turning toward the light of our faith.  We want to invite each of us at Westminster to connect:
  – with another person and jointly
  – enter into an activity together that serves others 

We invite you to choose one of our existing missions of this church, or another one you already know or identify a need you see and want to help fill. Please click here for a list of mission opportunities.

We invite all of us to reflect on such activity and how it informs our faith during this solemn Lenten season as we move toward Easter.  

1) if you are willing, share the other organizations where you currently participate.

2) Let us know if you are currently volunteering to serve in an organization connected to Westminster.

3) Finally, at the end of Lent, we hope you will share something of the experience of this period.

If you are willing, tell us your responses to (1) and (2) at     

If you prefer, there will be similar forms with this request in the pew racks on Sunday.

We hope this will help all of us encounter this Lenten season with a special experience.