Associate Pastor For Community Life

Associate Pastor For Community Life

WPC is seeking an Associate Pastor for Community Life to help members strengthen their personal relationship with Christ and with one another as a community of faith. We see developing the church’s community of faith as integral to the relationship each member has with Christ. As a larger church, the joy and challenge of having many congregants is ensuring that each member feels connected and known within the church community. As the city of Nashville continues to change and grow, our church hopes to continue to attract members, especially young adults and young families, to a healthy and expanding congregation.

How to apply

To apply for, or get more information about, the Associate Pastor for Community Life position at Westminster Presbyterian Church, please click on the CLC/PCUSA website link below. You will need to create a user account in order to apply to the position.

You can then search for the job via the Opportunity Search. To find the job, use the following filters on the Opportunity Search Results page: 

Position Type: Associate Pastor (Other)
City: Nashville
State: TN
And press Update Search
Click Apply

You can also look at the MDF via the following link:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Search Committee via the following email:

You may also call the Westminster Church Office (Jo Ann McFarlin, Church Administrator) at 615-292-5526 ext. 231