Sunday Worship Services

Sunday Worship Services

Worship is central to the life of Westminster. With great joy and thanksgiving, the strengths of traditional worship and the concerns of the present are woven together. This offering both celebrates our relationship with God and renews our ability to live as Christians in an often challenging world.

As people who stand in the Reformed tradition, the members of Westminster Presbyterian Church recognize that the journey of faith is a life-long struggle and seek to pursue, announce, personify, and practice the Good News of reconciliation and grace in Jesus Christ. Founded in 1873, Westminster welcomes all who are continually being formed and reformed into disciples of Jesus Christ. Westminster values a rich tradition of worship, Christian education and nurture, and ministries of caring and compassion.

The worship life of the church is traditional, Presbyterian, and Reformed following the pattern set forth in the Directory for Worship and the Book of Common Worship. A worshipful atmosphere and classical church music proclaim the sovereignty of God, the authority of scripture, and the liberating grace of Jesus Christ.


The Presbyterian Church (USA) practices open Communion. All those who seek to follow Jesus Christ are invited to share in Communion regardless of of denominational affiliation, race, nationality, or sexual orientation.

Both believers and their children are included in God’s covenantal love. Baptism, whether administered to those who profess their faith or to those presented for Baptism as children, is one and the same Sacrament. The Baptism of children witnesses to the truth that God’s love claims people before they are able to respond in faith (Book of Order W-2.3008).


The lectionary readings provide the scripture readings for the daily reading of the Bible. These readings are available in both lectionary cycles, the daily reading and the Sunday/festival readings. Please click the blue link to view the PC(USA) lectionary.